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Daniel Newlin

USA, Attorney and Real Estate Investor

Vince Hightower

USA, Attorney and Real Estate Investor.

I quit speaking to my real estate agent halfway through the process of purchasing my Medellin penthouse.  I was fortunate to have Diana as my legal counsel to assist me to successfully complete the purchase.  Though I have been an attorney for over 35 years and have purchased and sold numerous properties both in the states and abroad I quickly learned Colombia is different.  Diana is honest, highly competent, explains the purchase and/or sales processes patiently and in detail and understands the pitfalls and uncertainties for a foreign purchaser in Colombia.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.  Diana is not only my Colombian attorney for life, she is my friend.

Andrew Campion

Founder and Manager The Apartment Medellin Rentals

Diana is what an advocate is supposed to be. She’ll bend over backwards, sacrifice her spare time, and work into the wee hours if need be — simply because she can’t bear to break a promise to a client. She has this hard-wired need to assist people. She’s also an unflinching negotiator on behalf of her clients — particularly in immigration matters, real estate and business transactions, and procuring Colombian Visas.

Ray Jones

USA, CPA and Real Estate and Project Investor.

I have had the pleasure of working with Diana since I became an investor in Colombian Real Estate. She has helped on a transactional basis and preparation of civil trusts. I trust her judgment and knowledge of Colombian Law.

Victoria Mellah

Yoga Instructor and Real Estate Investor.

I would like to take a moment to let you know, I am truly grateful for the legal team of Diana Pizano. Upon my first conversation with Diana, she made me feel immediately at ease and comfortable with her professionalism and demeanor… I was tremendously pleased she took her time with her explanations of how everything would transpire and in what time frames and what exactly would be necessary from me. She described in great detail each step of the process…

Steve Marcinuk

USA, Marketing and Real Estate Investor.

From transferring funds, title searches, contracts and everything else, I was truly impressed with the way they handled my legal needs and would highly recommend their services to anyone purchasing a property in Medellin – they really made it simple, and for a fair price.