I would like to take a moment to let you know, I am truly grateful for the legal team of Diana Pizano. Upon my first conversation with Diana, she made me feel immediately at ease and comfortable with her professionalism and demeanor. I have a legal education & real estate background so not all was foreign to me, that said, it was ALL going to be foreign to me. I was tremendously pleased she took her time with her explanations of how everything would transpire and in what time frames and what exactly would be necessary from me. She described in great detail each step of the process. As time continued into our transaction, I was then introduced to Daniela. Daniela is a gem! Always ready to answer my questions, patient when I was unsure and asking again for the third time, and always a professional! And just at the end I had the great pleasure of meeting Camilo who was ready literally at a moments notice to help me coordinate documents needed. OUTSTANDING team, Im so grateful to them all. It’s a testament to FAR for having Diana as part of their home purchasing experience and to Diana for professional team making everything come together so seamlessly!

I look forward to further transactions with this type of amazing support in the future.

Thank you again!

– Victoria Mellah


“I also wanted to give HUGE thanks to Diana and Sara who were truly exceptional in quickly and expertly navigating the legal process for me as I went through to purchase. They made the process easy, and explained to me what was happening at every step of the way. From transferring in funds, title searches, contracts and everything else, I was truly impressed with the way they handled my legal needs and would highly recommend their services to anyone purchasing a property in Medellin – they really made it simple, and for a fair price. They are additionally helping me obtain my investor’s visa and I look forward to working with them for any additional legal needs I have here in the country. Simply put, they’re the best. ”

– Steve Marcinuk


“We came back to Colombia Legal Partners, for a second time, to help us procure our TP7 ‘Pension’ visas and to obtain our cedulas (government issued Colombian ID cards). We had previous experience working with Diana and her team from our property purchase in Medellin. On both occasions, we were very happy with our experience. They helped us achieve all of our goals, and their counseling and legal support was extremely helpful. If anyone needed an attorney in Colombia, the first place I would send them would be Colombia Legal Partners.”

– The Giambrunos

“Diana – I wanted to thank you for the legal help with regards to purchasing the apartment. There were a few bumps along the way, but everything worked out great! We all love the apartment and location. I was also hoping you could help me with my Colombian Visa.”

– Alan Spear

“Laura/Diana – How to complete a real estate transaction in an unfamiliar regulatory environment from 12,000 miles away; that was my issue. I left it to you. You greatly simplified the process [in English] and eased many of my concerns. Colombia can be bureaucratic/”paperwork intensive” by US standards and you took care of all the small details–many thanks!! Strongly recommend your service. “

– Chris W.
(Purchased 4 bedroom apartment in El Poblado)