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Colombia has one of the more complex immigration systems of any country. That’s apparent when you realize that there are four separate governmental immigration bodies that control Colombian immigration. If you, your family, or your employees, are planning to travel to Colombia, for any period of time, then you need to fully understand the relevant immigration laws, workarounds, and penalties.

We try to simplify the overall Visa process, and make you aware of subtle pitfalls you need to avoid in our Colombian Visa Strategy and Acquisition section. As we state in that section, we want you to understand that this is all about developing a personal Immigration strategy – one that best suits you, your family, your company, and your ultimate goals.

For detailed Visa information, in English, you can certainly visit the Colombian government’s Cancillería. But just like most local law firms’ FAQ pages, you’ll get regulations and requirements, but not individualized solutions. There is far too much misinformation out there; the laws are ever-changing, and no professional can tell you the most effective way to proceed without knowing your particular situation and aspirations.

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From our experience, we know that what you really want to know are the responses to these questions, and real-life solutions tailored to your needs:

  • I have a family. We want to settle in Colombia, but we don’t want to keep moving to extend our permits or Visas. How can we best accomplish that?
  • I have an opportunity to work in Colombia for six months. Do the advantages of getting on the Colombian company’s payroll outweigh the disadvantages of working as an independent contractor? What are the tax implications?
  • We are incubating our startup company in Colombia. How do we hire employees while staying compliant with Colombian wage and hour laws, tax regulations, and health care rules?
  • We want to retire in Colombia, but our monthly annuity is just short of the required amount. Can we, somehow, work around that?
  • While gay marriage is still illegal in Colombia, we’re told that a certain type of civil partnership with a Colombian national provides governmental benefits equal to that of a married couple, and trusts and estates benefits that do not favor married couples, like they do in the U.S. How can we be sure we are taking the steps to procure the right civil partnership?
  • I’m ready to invest in property to secure a resident Visa, but I have no historic background to know which up-and-coming areas should yield the greatest appreciation. I also need help finding someone, reasonably priced, to manage the property when I’m away.

There are no stock answers to those questions; they vary from person to person. Two clients may ask us the same exact Immigration question. Depending on their particular circumstances, however, CLP may well provide completely different solutions to each of them. From assisting with Visa applications to navigating each of the four immigration bodies, having a legal team on your side, like CLP, can save you time, money, and, most of all, significant anxiety.

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