Favorable Business Climate in Colombia

Our friends at Invest in Bogota have published some very compelling information from the World Bank’s 2016 Doing Business survey. They refer to Colombia as, “one of the best business environments in Latin America and one of the most competitive countries in the region.” According to the article: Invest

“In the past decade, Colombia has single-mindedly focused on improving its business climate. As a result, inward foreign direct investment (FDI) has been soaring. In these uncertain times, Colombia is seen by investors as a dependable and stable place to operate.”

For years, we have been boasting about the growth in Colombia, the huge increases in investment and trade, and its accommodating regulatory environment. The World Bank report corroborates those claims, including Colombia having the fourth most conducive business environment in Latin America:


The article also indicates that, in the decade between 2004 and 2013, inward foreign direct investment (“FDI”) flowing into Colombia grew from $3.1 billion USD to $16.2 billion USD, while foreign trade between Colombia and the U.S., over a decade, grew from $34.5 billion to $119 billion:


The article states “In fact, according to investment trends, Colombia is one of the largest recipients of FDI in Latin America, which sets it as one of the best countries for investment in Latin America.” See the article for even more information about investing in Colombia and in Bogota.

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