What You Need to Do to Legally Stay in Colombia For 180 Days

While most foreigners are allowed to stay in Colombia for either:  180 days in a calendar year, or 180 consecutive days, you are not automatically granted 180 days on your passport. The stamp given to you by the immigration officer, upon your arrival, will usually provide you with 90 days for your first tourist visa,[…]

Expectation of Reciprocation?

The United States declared the expansion of a temporary guest worker visa, beginning on January 18, 2016, to include Colombian citizens: http://colombiareports.com/us-to-open-new-visa-option-for-colombian-citizens/ “This visa, known as the H-2 visa, allows American companies to employ foreign workers for a temporary period of time when they can demonstrate a shortage of American labor willing to engage in[…]

Favorable Business Climate in Colombia

Our friends at Invest in Bogota have published some very compelling information from the World Bank’s 2016 Doing Business survey. They refer to Colombia as, “one of the best business environments in Latin America and one of the most competitive countries in the region.” According to the article:  “In the past decade, Colombia has single-mindedly focused on improving[…]

EU and Colombia Lift Short-Stay Visa Requirements

It was an exciting day in Brussels, as a deal was cut, allowing visa-free travel — for stays of up to 90 days within a 180-day period – for Europeans visiting Colombia and Colombians visiting the countries of the EU: http://leadership.ng/news/479981/eu-colombia-lifts-short-stay-visa-requirements According to Jean Asselborn, Luxembourg Foreign Minister, one of the authorities who signed the[…]

Medellin Crime Rate Plummets; About as Dangerous as Orlando, FL

(Caveat: Talking about safety and violence in any city is a tough subject. Criticism abounds on both sides – the side that says you are painting said city in a negative light by talking about crime, and the side that says you are endangering people by dismissing some of the real dangers. This post is[…]

Transferring Money to Colombia

You are looking to make a purchase of, or an investment in, Colombian real estate where the cost is $10,000, $50,000, or $500,000 (USD). But how do you get it here? With a country that has historically had money laundering issues, there are an extensive number of controls on transferring money into Colombia. And most of[…]