Sara García López is a lawyer whose experience spans a variety of different areas such as commercial, civil, real estate, human resources, and corporate law. She is fluent in both English and Spanish. Ms. García López’s steadfast quest to expand her knowledge of the intricacies of law started prior to graduation. She began working in the field while in school, gaining legal knowledge, theory, and experience. Her dedication to the law, and its intersection with business and government, ensures that she provides her clients with the best advice possible.

How she helps her clients

Colombia is bureaucratic; its government differs from that of other countries, and its law is ever-changing. Every law firm needs an attorney who ensures that the firm remains on the cutting edge, while simultaneously eliminating the stress of confused foreigners and locals. A client who had signed a letter of intent in mid-December was getting nervous that no Promise to Sell Agreement had yet been executed. Ms. García López reassured the client that, unlike other countries, the appropriate governmental office closes through Jan 15, and that his deposit would, soon after, be recognized and registered, leading to the signed agreement.

Something you didn’t know

Sara is double-jointed, giving her the flexibility to escape handcuffs (luckily she chose the right side of the law). She’s a pet lover, and in her free time, she assists animal foundations.