Diana Pizano is the founder and Managing Partner of CLP. She is a native, bilingual lawyer, in practice for over 20 years. Her experience and her private law specialization has made her one of the leading experts in civil, commercial, and real estate law. Ms. Pizano represents not only clients for purchases, visas, and contracts; she helps sophisticated investors evaluate potential opportunities, while negotiating “win-win” agreements. Her ability to do so has also made her a sought-after mediator. Ms. Pizano is known for making the impossible…possible – by devising novel and clever strategies that optimize the commercial and individual needs of each client.

How she helps her clients

Marc and his wife, Lisa, found a gorgeous apartment in Medellin that they intended to use as a real estate investment – one that would give them both residency in Colombia. The apartment cost approximately $200,000 US, which is an issue because each person needs to invest approximately $140,000 US to qualify. The common solution is to put the apartment 100% under Marc’s name and then procure a beneficiary visa for Jane, but that leaves Jane with zero ownership. Diana structured a deal whereby she assigned 70% ($140,000 US) to Marc and 30% ($60,000 US) to Jane. Diana secured the investment visa for Marc, and the beneficiary visa for Jane, while still maintaining ownership interest for Jane.

Something you didn’t know

Diana is one of the most unforgettable lawyers in Colombia. Some never forget her work; some never forget her personality, but no one ever forgets her hair cut!!