Helping navigate the legal hurdles of obtaining Colombian visas


the process of living,
purchasing, & investing
in Colombia.

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Ensuring that you receive full legal title to the property you're buying

We’re a law firm that knows how overwhelming it can be to buy property, invest, and/or move to a foreign country. With so much misinformation out there, Colombian Legal Partners clarifies each legal process, dispels common misconceptions, and collaborates with you to achieve your goals in Colombia.

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Colombia is a difficult place in which
to do business.

Common Misconceptions

It’s very difficult to get money to
Colombia from a foreign bank.

Actually… ❯

I can stay in Colombia for 180 days
without doing anything.

Actually… ❯

Colombia is a difficult place in which
to do business.

Actually… ❯

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Protecting your contractual rights when investing in Colombian real estate development


I also wanted to give HUGE thanks to Diana and Sara who were truly exceptional in quickly and expertly navigating the legal process for me as I went through to purchase. They made the process easy, and explained to me what was happening at every step of the way. From transferring in funds, title searches, contracts and everything else, I was truly impressed with the way they handled my legal needs and would highly recommend their services to anyone purchasing a property in Medellin – they really made it simple, and for a fair price. They are additionally helping me obtain my investor’s visa and I look forward to working with them for any additional legal needs I have here in the country. Simply put, they’re the best.

– Steve Marcinuk

Diana – I wanted to thank you for the legal help with regards to purchasing the apartment. There were a few bumps along the way, but everything worked out great! We all love the apartment and location. I was also hoping you could help me with my Colombian Visa.

– Alan Spear
(Purchased 4 bdr apartment in Poblado)


Real Estate

You are a foreigner looking to buy a home in Colombia, or invest in Colombian real estate. What are the five most important things you need to know?

  • Foreign buyers of Colombian real estate have the same property rights as do Colombian citizens.
  • In addition, prospective purchasers or investors in Colombian properties (particularly foreigners) who try to “take a go” at buying, or investing in, property without experienced, local legal counsel, risk sinking their hard-earned money into a property that is: 1) not truly owned by the “seller,” 2) in fact, an empty lot next to the house they believe they have purchased, 3) encumbered by liens… Read More

Visa Strategy and Acquisition

Foreign nationals wishing to spend time in Colombia are advised (and in most cases, required) to apply for a Visa from the Colombian government. Currently there are nineteen different types of Visas.

Detailed Visa information is posted, in English, through the Colombian government’s Cancillería. Most local law firms will provide even more extensive descriptions of each and every Visa, but that information only makes things more confusing. It will not answer most people’s main question, which is, “Which Visa is right for me?”

Without a plan, you’re very likely to choose the wrong Visa, and/or… Read More


Doing Business in Colombia

Over the past decade, Colombia has prospered, and is now ranked as one of the most reliable and stable places to do business in Latin America. Incoming foreign direct investment has more than quintupled, and foreign trade between Colombia and the U.S. has nearly quadrupled. Colombia has seen similar growth and opportunity in many other cities, including Bogota, Cartagena, and Cali.

Successfully navigating Colombia’s business environment demands due diligence as well as deep experience from local legal experts. Within the seven critical success factors of business (Capital, Product/Service, People, Facilities, Distribution, Intellectual Property, and Relationship with Government), there are numerous critical differences between Colombian law and the laws of other countries. Here are just a few examples where it is imperative for you to understand the differences between Colombian and U.S. law…
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